W&M I 2015 Quarterfinals: Rutgers Sycamore Burns v. Hopkins/Chicago Hybrid

Case: As Japan in 1941, invade Siberia when Germany attacks Russia in the west.   Gov: Rutgers Sycamore Burns PM: Sean Leonard MG: Nick Hansen   Opp: Hopkins/Chicago Hybrid LO: Dan Takash MO: Emma Ashe   [expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]Hopkins/Chicago won on a consensus decision.[/expand]   Thanks to Jackson Ganem for the recording.

BU 2017 Partial Octofinals: Tufts Gregg Popovich 2020 v. Brown Lucy & Linus

Case: Truth and Reconciliatory Commissions (TRCs) are bodies set up by states after periods of conflict. Conflict includes civil war, dictatorships, or other strife. They have two primary functions. First, TRCs seek to establish the official facts and histories of the conflict, with input from all parties. Secondly, TRCs preference restorative justice, where victims take […]