Gender Empowerment Initiative

The APDA Gender Empowerment Initiative (GEI) was founded in 2015 to create awareness about issues that women, trans, and non-binary individuals face in debate, as well to empower those individuals and provide education for the entire APDA community. It was formerly known as Women’s Initiative (founded in 2011; incorporated as a committee in 2013), but expanded to reflect a more gender-inclusive approach to equity on APDA.

As the oldest intercollegiate parliamentary debate league in the nation, APDA provides a unique forum for excellent and competitive debate. Like most debating organizations, however, APDA continues to struggle with lower participation rates and less competitive success for non-cis-male individuals. GEI has made strides towards understanding and alleviating these unequal outcomes through research and resources, many of which are available on this website. Our current and past programs include our hybrid program, a gender-equity analysis project in conjunction with the EOFs, and workshops hosted at tournaments throughout the year.