W&M II 2016 Quarterfinals: Rutgers Young, Scrappy and Spec v. AU/TCNJ and Peggy

Case: You are Chiang Kai-Shek in 1946. You’ve recently won the first major battle against Mao’s Communist forces of Northern China since the end of the ceasefire and Second World War. May of your generals are now pushing for a full-scale invasion to capture the center of Mao’s political control and main supply line of arms and support from the Soviet Union. However, the United States, in hopes that a coalition government could be formed between the two states – Mao’s China and your China – issued you an ultimatum that if you continued your advance, they would pull out support from your campaign. Opp choice – do you go ahead with the offensive?


Gov: Rutgers Young, Scrappy and Spec

PM: Sean Leonard

MG: Geneva Kropper


Opp: AU/TCNJ and Peggy

LO: Eric Tannenbaum

MO: Matt Sokol


[expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]AU/TCNJ and Peggy won on a consensus decision.[/expand]


Thanks to Micah Meskowitz for the recording.

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