Welcome to the Fall 2021 Gender and Sexuality Empowerment Initiative! Our 2022-2023 board liaison is Shaye Martin (Williams College ’25). 

Robin Gloss

Hi! My name is Robin (she/they) and I’m a senior at George Washington University studying Economics and International Affairs. Though I love to debate about anything from economics to art, my favorite cases are definitely about queer issues. I’ll speak any position but MOs are the most fun speech by far. Please reach out if you want to hybrid or to chat about anything, whether or not its debate related! You can find me on Facebook or send me an email at

Leyla Hagan

Hello! My name is Leyla (she/her) and I’m a sophomore at Georgetown majoring in International Politics and potentially minoring in Mathematics and/or Arabic. I’m particularly interested in debate cases involving current events and history and my preferred speaker positions are PM and LO, but I also occasionally MO and would love to start LOing more, so I’m very flexible! Don’t hesitate to reach out on Facebook or email ( if you want to hybrid or just be friends! 🙂

Elisa Nisly

Gabbi Shilcusky 

Hi! My name is Gabbi (she series) and I’m a senior at Northeastern graduating this December. I’m studying Political Science and some other stuff. I really like debating about education and public policy, and my favorite speech to give is an off the flow MO. Feel free to message me on Facebook or email me ( if you want to hybrid, work on cases, or just have any questions!

Audrey Shing

Hi! My name is Audrey (she/her) and I’m a junior at Northeastern University studying Economics and Finance. My favorite (and maybe only) cases are about Asian culture and representation but really anything that lets me share that I’m from Singapore gets me really excited 🙂 By far the most impressive speech I’ve ever seen anyone give was an off-flow MO, so I have massive respect for MOs. I would be so delighted to hybrid with you or really just be friends, feel free to message me on Facebook Messenger or email me ( anytime!