Welcome! The Gender Empowerment Initiative has 14 members for Fall 2019. More bios are imminent!

Co-Chair – Katherine Ottenbreit

Co-Chair – Aba Tieku

This is my fourth semester serving on GEI, and my third as one of the co-chairs! I am a junior at the College of William & Mary majoring in Government & Philosophy. I started my debate career as a novice on the William & Mary Debate Team. Though my experience with debate has been a brief one, it has truly changed my life. I am a big fan of all speaker positions including the letter M (I am trying to learn to love LOing but I don’t think it loves me back). My favorite topics to debate are domestic politics, constitutional law, feminism, and social justice. My office hours are Wednesdays from 1-2PM, but feel free to find me in GA, message me on Facebook, or shoot me an email ( at any time!

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Aislinn O’Brien

I am a member of the GEI Committee currently in my second year at Boston University. I am majoring in Political Science and International Relations (Regional Track: Europe, Functional Track: Foreign Policy and Security Studies). This is my second year debating with BUDS on APDA and my first year as the Secretary of BUDS! Before this, I was very involved with Public Forum Debate for three years during my time at Milton High School in MA, as the Co-Captain of the team my Junior year and the Captain my Senior year. My favorite speaker positions are PM and MO, but I am always willing to mix it up as well! As might be glaringly obvious, I absolutely love politics and IR, so I love IR, HIR, and law cases. Additionally, I love cases about feminism, social justice, economic inequality, and LGBT+ topics. I totally welcome anyone to reach out to me with any debate or GEI-related questions! While I do not have a set schedule of office hours per-se, I am very responsive over email ( and through Facebook messenger and am very willing to schedule a time to talk in-person, through email or Facebook, or over the phone or through Skype!

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Devyani Goel

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Mia Stone-Malloy

Aishwarya Rajapur

Ananya Kalahasti 

Cindy Wang

Gabbi Shilcusky

Jay Gibbs

Paola Apolinario

Roxanne Daniel

Tori Borlase

Wingel Xue