Welcome! The Chairs for the Spring 2020 Expansion Committee are Hannah Platter (Smith) and Adi Ram (Chicago). The Expansion Committee email is You can reach them at and

Committee Co-Chairs

Hannah Platter (Region 4 – New England) is a sophomore at Smith College majoring in Engineering and minoring in Jewish Studies. She’s the president of Smith Debate Society and loves to write cases about rock climbing, California, and the outdoors. Hannah loves helping new schools join the league and learn about APDA. When she’s not debating, you can find her in GA screaming about iced coffee, expansion, and feminism. You can reach her at

Adi Ram (Region 5 – West) is a fourth year at the University of Chicago. Despite being the kind of social isolationist that chose to major in math, Adi loves debating on APDA because of the great community he has met over the years. On the expansion committee, he seeks to expand and deepen those networks to other schools that traditionally have lacked strong debate programs. In his spare time, he’s chilling in the GA of some tournament or another. You can reach out to him at

Expansion Coordinators

Maxwell Sheremeta (Georgetown) – Region 1 (South, DC)

Chloe Hoff (Region 2 – Mid-Atlantic) is a sophomore at Temple University studying Political Science, History, and Political Economy. She is the President of Temple Debate Society and is very excited to help out new APDA schools and expansion schools like her own get the help they need to be successful. This is her first semester on Expansion Committee. When not debating, you can find her at study groups with her sorority or scrolling through the meme page. You can reach her at

Elizabeth Chen (CUNY) – Region 3 (NY Area)

Hart Rapaport (Region 3 – NY Area) is a sophomore at Columbia University majoring in Political Science and Computer Science. This is his second semester on the Expansion Committee and he’s excited to help new schools succeed on APDA. When not debating he can be found doing the New York Times mini crossword and reading about politics. He can be reached at

Devesh Kodnani (Region 5 – West) is a sophomore at the University of Chicago studying Economics, Political Science, and Statistics. He’s the Vice President of Outreach for the Chicago Debate Society and loves motions tournaments, Frank Ocean, and the San Francisco Bay Area (not necessarily in that order). This is Devesh’s first semester on the Expansion Committee and he’s excited to help schools in the midwest (and potentially the west coast) get their programs off the ground! You can reach him at