Welcome! The Expansion Committee email is Feel free to reach out to any committee member, especially the one who serves your reigon!

Expansion Coordinators

Dominic DeRamo (APDA Board Liaison, Georgetown University) 

Dominic DeRamo (he/him) is from Youngstown, Ohio and a senior at Georgetown University. He is majoring in Government and Philosophy with a minor in Disability Studies. Dominic especially enjoys debating about ethics, disability, and art/media.

Samuel Johnson (Head Coordinator, University of Chicago)

Eric Trinh (Swarthmore College)

Eric Trinh is a current junior from Swarthmore College. He is a music and economics major at Swat, and enjoys debating about music, questions about society, and silly topics!

Stav Kanza (Rutgers University)

Victoria Ajayi (Rutgers University)

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m a sophomore at Rutgers University. My favorite topic to debate would be anything dealing with social justice, and, pop culture, general societal issues.

Emily Chow (Rutgers University)

Emily is a senior at Rutgers University, majoring in English and Economics, with a minor in Political Science. She loves debating about art, social justice and memes. Please feel free to reach out! (She means it, she doesn’t have a life so she’s always free)