Welcome to APDA Committees!

Committees are at the forefront of APDA’s outreach and self-improvement. Each committee is composed of a small group of dedicated college students who work on an issue pertinent to APDA and its accessibility, equity, and growth. Committees provide valuable resources to our community in the form of guides, research, individual support, and hybrid partnerships.

The six committees are:

Each committee is spearheaded by one or two Chairs and paired with a liaison from the APDA Executive Board. However, you should feel free to reach out to any committee member.

Please use the individual committee pages to find specific information, search for hybrids, or locate resources you need!

If you would like to join a committee, applications run biannually—once per academic semester (in July for Fall and December for Spring). More specific information about applications will be made available on the Forum.

Email with any other questions.