Elizabeth Chen (Chair): Hello! My name is Elizabeth Chen (any pronouns are fine!) and I am a senior from the City University of New York (CUNY), double majoring in Philosophy and Anthropology, with double minors in Biology and Legal Studies. I’ve been on the EOF Committee for the last year, and am so excited to co-chair the committee this semester and I hope we can make big strides to ensuring APDA is as inclusive, equitable, and safe as can be. Please feel free to reach out to me at 917-650-6812,, or as Liz Chen on Facebook!

Dominic DeRamo (Chair): Hey! My name is Dominic DeRamo (he/him) and I’m a sophomore at Georgetown studying Government, Philosophy, and Disability Studies. I was on the EOF committee last semester and I am so excited to be serving as the co-chair! I look forward to continuing efforts to make APDA more enjoyable and welcoming to everyone! Please feel free to reach out to me at 330-531-2937,, or on Facebook!

Harin Ok: Hi everyone! My name is Harin Ok (pronounced as “haa-rin oak”) and I’m a sophomore at William and Mary, and I use she/her pronouns. I’m majoring in Economics and Sociology and also am an international student from South Korea. This is my first semester on the EOF Committee and I am excited to learn how to make debate space more accessible and equitable for everyone. Outside of debate, I play the violin in various chamber groups. I can be reached via email at, or on Facebook! 

Cindy Wang: Hi everyone! My name is Cindy Wang (she/her) and I am a senior at Georgetown University majoring in International Political Economy with minors in German and Women’s and Gender Studies. I am an international student from China. This is my fourth year on APDA and third year on the committee, and I am super excited to do what I can to help make our community more welcoming and accessible for all. Outside of debate, my interests include creating international fusion cuisine, women’s economic empowerment, and dog spotting. I am super happy to chat any questions you have about equity and APDA, especially about experience as an international, ESL debater. Please feel free to reach me on Facebook, at, or at (202) 297-9764. 

Robin Gloss: Hey y’all! My name is Robin Gloss (she/her) and I’m a junior studying International Affairs and Economics at George Washington University. This is my third year on APDA and many of my weekends are spent at tournaments, but when I’m not debating I’m usually cooking, working on projects for the GW Urban Studies Initiative, or watching crime shows. I’m super excited to be a part of EOF and am committed to making the league more equitable and accessible! I’m always happy to chat about equity or life, and you can get in contact with me on Facebook, at 202-491-5944, or at

Arshiyan Alam Laaj: Hi everyone! My name is Arshiyan Alam Laaj and I’m a sophomore at Smith College. I go by Arshiyan and use she/her/hers pronouns! I’m a Neuroscience major and also an international student from Bangladesh. This is my first time on the EOF Committee and I’m extremely excited to learn and help others learn how to make APDA more inclusive and welcoming, especially for all the novices out there like myself. I can be reached via email: or phone: (718) 687 6440 or Facebook messenger!

Elizabeth Carroll: Hey there! My name is Elizabeth (she/her) and I’m a sophomore Economics major at UMass Amherst. This is my first semester on EOF and I’m excited to work on increasing inclusivity and accessibility! I have a hand tremor and I’m always down to problem solve with debaters who have similar mobility challenges. Feel free to contact me about absolutely anything at 781-366-6139, or over Facebook!

Olivia Epley: Hello all! My name is Olivia Epley and I’m a sophomore from Temple University, majoring in Philosophy. I use she/her/hers pronouns. This is my first semester as an equity officer. I’m very eager to help make the league as inclusive a place as it can be. I’d love to chat for any reason, and I can be reached by email at or by phone at 475-889-8288, or over Facebook messenger.

Kavya Gopinath: Hi! I’m a sophomore at Brown University studying International and Public Affairs and South Asian Studies. I’m super passionate about making APDA more inclusive and accessible. I’ve been an equity officer for a year now and I’m excited to continue serving as one on the league! Feel free to reach me on Facebook, email me at or text me at (401)-618-4086. 

Amy Rose: Hi lads! I’m Amy Rose (she/her) and I’m a sophomore at Wellesley College majoring in Economics & Mathematics. Outside of debate I’m involved in my school’s first-year orientation program, college government, and am a huge sports fan! This is my first semester as an equity officer and I’m super excited that I get to help make APDA more equitable and accessible. Feel free to reach out to talk about anything (debate-related or otherwise)! You can reach me at, (774) 249-1460, or via Facebook messenger!

Aishwarya Rajapur: Hi! I am Aishwarya Rajapur (she/her) and I am a member of the Amherst College Debate Society. I am studying Economics and Computer Science. This is my second year on the EOF committee. I am looking forward to helping make APDA an inclusive and fun activity, despite debating remotely. I would be happy to chat about equity or life in general. Feel free to message me at 857-231-2049, message me on Facebook Messenger or email me at