BU 2017 Partial Octofinals: Tufts Gregg Popovich 2020 v. Brown Lucy & Linus

Case: Truth and Reconciliatory Commissions (TRCs) are bodies set up by states after periods of conflict. Conflict includes civil war, dictatorships, or other strife. They have two primary functions. First, TRCs seek to establish the official facts and histories of the conflict, with input from all parties. Secondly, TRCs preference restorative justice, where victims take an active part in confronting perpetrators of crimes. TRCs can include voluntary reparations paid by abusers to victims, as well as official apologies. In post-conflict societies, this house prefers TRCs to criminal tribunals or trials. Caveating that people who participate in TRCs will receive immunity from further criminal prosecution, those who do not participate can still be tried criminally, and immunity is for the crimes that you confess to directly.

Gov: Tufts Gregg Popovich 2020
PM: Matthew Lee
MG: Drew Latimer

Opp: Brown Lucy & Linus
LO: Yidi Wu
MO: Caleb Foote

[expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]Tufts Gregg Popovich 2020 won on a consensus decision.[/expand] 

Thanks to Ricky Cambo for the recording.