Gender-Balanced Round Recordings

Here is a list of rounds in which at least half of the debaters are women or another gender minority:

APDA Nationals 2014 Octofinals: Brown MM vs. Princeton BR

BU Novice 2014 Demo Round: Brandeis/Brown vs. Yale/Bates

Hopkins 2013 Demo Round: MIT/Yale vs. Harvard/W&M

APDA Nationals 2013 Quarterfinals: Syracuse A vs. Brown A

Brandeis 2013 Octofinals: Syracuse Denny Crane vs. BU Sonic and Tails

GW 2013 Quarterfinals: Chicago HL vs. Brandeis Chipwich

APDA Nationals 2012 Quarterfinals: Brown A vs. Columbia EJ

APDA Nationals 2012 Quarterfinals: Swarthmore DW vs. Yale CF

APDA Nationals 2012 Round 1: Northeastern A vs. Brandeis AP

Tufts 2012 Quarterfinals: BU/NU Josh’s Left Kidney vs. Bates ES

Hopkins 2012 Demo Round: NU/Columbia vs. W&M A

UMBC 2011 Finals: Rutgers Well, This Is Awkward vs. AU SB

Nationals 2008 Semifinals: Chicago A v. Princeton A

Williams 2007 Finals: MIT FG vs. Brown/Smith

APDA Nationals 2003 Finals: UVA A vs. Yale CW