BU 2017 Partial Octofinals: Tufts Gregg Popovich 2020 v. Brown Lucy & Linus

Case: Truth and Reconciliatory Commissions (TRCs) are bodies set up by states after periods of conflict. Conflict includes civil war, dictatorships, or other strife. They have two primary functions. First, TRCs seek to establish the official facts and histories of the conflict, with input from all parties. Secondly, TRCs preference restorative justice, where victims take […]

Nationals 2017 Quarterfinals: Yale HT v. Brown FW

Case: When an act of terror is committed in the West in the name of Islam, elected officials and members of the media call on Muslim community members and leaders to condemn and apologize for the death and destruction committed in the name of their religion. We believe political and media leaders should not call […]

Brown II 2017 Partial Octofinals: Harvard Chetan’s Angels v. AU Adia Is Daddy

Case: Should we amend the Nics Background Check System to make being on the FBI’s Terror Watch List a sufficient condition for being denied a firearm? Opp chose no. Gov: Harvard Chetan’s Angels PM: Danny DeBois MG: Sarah Ryan Opp: AU Adia Is Daddy LO: Isaac Klipstein MO: Julie Scott [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]AU Adia […]

Williams 2017 Quarterfinals: Yale HS v. Brandeis Carpetbaggers

Case: THW eliminate federal subsidies for redevelopment projects in areas of high risk of natural disasters. Gov: Yale HS PM: Kyle Hietala MG: Mojmir Stehlik Opp: Brandeis Carpetbaggers LO: Henry Snow MO: Kevin Healey [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Brandeis Carpetbaggers won on a 3-0.[/expand] Thanks to Jasper Primack for the recording.

Princeton 2016 Finals: Untitled, Unseeded v. F&M/Swarthmore That One

Case: THW restrict free speech in order to advance the interests of historically marginalized groups. Gov: Untitled, Unseeded PM: Alex Mechanick MG: Nathaniel Donahue Opp: F&M/Swarthmore That One LO: Matthew Rohn MO: Miriam Pierson [expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]Untitled, Unseeded won.[/expand]  Thanks to Ricky Cambo for the recording.