Brown I 2017 Octofinals – BU The Old Taylor vs Harvard Willow and Xander

Case: The US Government should ban American courts from adjudicating foreign governments’ obligations to pay sovereign debt to American investors Gov: BU The Old Taylor PM: Teddy Wyman MG: Jasper Primack Opp: Harvard Willow and Xander LO: Sophia Caldera MO: Mars He [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Harvard Willow and Xander won on a consensus decision.[/expand] Thanks to Jasper Primack for the recording.

Penn II 2016 Quarterfinals: AU Optically Southern vs Penn DR

Case: In late 1989, with the introduction of local and national elections the Soviet Union, TBH the Soviet Union should have implemented Special Economic Zones. Gov: AU Optically Southern PM: Frankie Orrico MG: Julie Scott Opp: Princeton DR LO: Anirudh Dasarathy MO: Nathan Raab [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Princeton DR won on a consensus decision.[/expand] Thanks to Frankie Orrico for the recording.

Wesleyan 2017 Finals: BU The Old Taylor vs Yale BM

Case: Criminal suspects should not be able to wave their right to counsel in custodial interrogations Gov: BU The Old Taylor PM: Teddy Wyman MG: Jasper Primack Opp: Yale BM LO: Shruti Baxi MO: Deena Moussa [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Yale BM won on a 3 – 2 decision.[/expand] Thanks to Teddy Wyman for the recording.

Moody Bible 2017 Quarterfinals: Berkeley The Fox and The Hound vs Chicago Imminent Coup D’Etat

Case: It would be preferable to the status quo if 50% of the US’s military budget was re-allocated to the State Department Gov: Berkeley The Fox and The Hound PM: Kevin Klyman MG: Emma Barton Opp: Chicago Imminent Coup D’Etat LO: Andrew Hamilton MO: Danny Goynatsky [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Chicago Imminent Coup D’Etat won on a 2 – 1 decision.[/expand] Thanks […]