NYU 2012 Round 4: Brandeis Navajo Blanket v. Yale BB

Case: You are the Senate majority leader in 2008. The minority Republicans threaten to filibuster. They want to use a procedural filibuster. You have the power to force them to use a vocal filibuster. Do that. Government: Brandeis Navajo Blanket PM: Keith Barry MG: Russell Leibowitz Opposition: Yale BB LO: Mike Barton MO: Zach Bakal […]

PC 2012 Quarterfinals: Brandeis FW v. Brandeis BP

Case: The Indian government should hold a referendum regarding the independence of region of Kashmir, with a few caveats. Government: Brandeis FW PM: Rich Weisbach MG: Brendan Fradkin Opposition: Brandeis BP LO: Keith Barry MO: Michael Perloff [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Brandeis BP won.[/expand] Thanks to Keith for the recording.

NYU 2012 Finals: AU A v. Yale CT

Case: Prosecutors should be required to serve terms as public defenders. Government: AU A PM: James Schmitt MG: Stephen Hayes Opposition: Yale CT LO: David Trinh MO: Robert Colonel [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]AU A won on a 4-3 decision.[/expand]

West Point 2012 Finals: Yale BZ v. Yale HM

Case: OC: Should a group of spelunkers who forced one of their own to participate in a lottery where the loser would be eaten to avoid the group’s starvation be punished? Opp chose not to punish. Government: Yale BZ PM: Joanna Zheng MG: Zach Bakal Opposition: Yale HM LO: Aaron Hakim MO: Michael Magdzik [expand […]