Nationals 2015 Finals: Harvard DM v. Brown MW

Case: The US Federal Government should not subpoena journalists for their sources

Gov: Harvard DM
PM: Nathaniel Donahue
MG: Fanele Mashwama

Opp: Brown MW
LO: Alex Mechanick
MO: Yidi Wu

[expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]Harvard DM won on a 7 – 0 decision.[/expand]

<em>Thanks to TNCJ for the recording.</em>

3 thoughts on “Nationals 2015 Finals: Harvard DM v. Brown MW

  1. Harvard’s case next Nats finals: there exists a two-dimensional shape that forms the prototile for an aperiodic tiling, but not for any periodic tiling.

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