Nationals 2015 Octofinals: GW NW v. Yale LW

Case: Anti-Apartheid protestors should not have called for divestment from South Africa

Gov: GW NW
PM: David Wang
MG: Priyanha Nadanasabesan

Opp: Yale LW
LO: Megan Wilson
MO: Evan Lynack

[expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]Yale LW won on a 3 – 0 decision.[/expand]

<em>Thanks to TCNJ for the recording.</em>

4 thoughts on “Nationals 2015 Octofinals: GW NW v. Yale LW

  1. They had lots of strawmen for sure, but opp didn’t opp the case that was run and never dealt with the fact that divestment means leaving South Africa

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