Transitioning from High School Debate to APDA

By Parker Kelly, George Washington University, ’20 I went to high school in Houston, Texas and did 1 year of PF and 2 years of LD on the local and national circuits. I was in a few bid rounds and competed relatively consistently (especially senior year) but didn’t qualify for the TOC. I debate for […]

How to Handle Motions Preparation

By Eric Tannenbaum, The College of New Jersey ’18 Note: APDA has several motions tournaments throughout the year, but due to their relative infrequency compared to case tournaments it can difficult to know what to do when it comes to preparation for motions. The following are some tips to help you get better at debate, however […]

How and When to Countercase

By Miriam Pierson, Swarthmore College ’18 Note: If you want to get a general sense of what a countercase can look like, here’s a link to a video where the opposition team countercases. Read this article and then watch the video for further clarification. In debate rounds, the government team generally proposes a change and the […]

Case Writing Basics

By Anika Matin, The George Washington University ’18 Starting out on APDA, you will come to the realization that you will be the government team about half the time, and you will need cases to run. Writing a case will take time, so here are some tips: Start off simple. This means taking the time […]

An Introduction to Debating About Economics

By Nik Venkatasubramanian, George Washington University ’18 Debating Economics and Finance I: Trade and Specialization Introduction Debate about Economics sounds scary. You scroll through the news every morning and you see scary graphs and big words on the Wall Street Journal. The sharp parts of those graphs look like tiny cliffs that seem dangerous and […]