On Victory by Mac Hays

By Mac Hays Brown ’24

In the first of a planned series of lectures, I aim to explain some of my views on the technical concepts of win conditions in debate in general and APDA in particular. This lecture will involve three parts: 1) A discussion of how applicable technical models of “objectively” understanding and evaluating debate rounds are to reality. 2) A survey of various different “win conditions” for modeling how a debate round is won or lost. 3) A deep dive into 3 different methods of approaching victory to satisfy these win conditions. The limits and merits of each of these methods will be thoroughly explored.This event is intended to set the stage for a dialectic series of APDA-oriented lectures drawing in expertise from various current and former debaters alike. My vision is to provide an online resource through successive recordings of lectures to enable easier educational opportunities for debaters from all schools, especially expansion schools, to break into the activity, understand the evolving technical norms, and find success.

To view the lecture, go to https://youtu.be/smdb2rE468M

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