Points of Information

By: Alex Alifimoff, Stanford University 2015 Points of Information (often called POIs) in American Parliamentary Debate often seem supplementary, so they go unconsidered by the average novice debater. Yet, they’re actually one of the most important ways to remain in the debate when you aren’t speaking, and should never be taken lightly. This article won’t […]

Welcome to APDAWeb v2.0

Welcome to apda.online, the new APDAWeb. Please browse this site at your leisure and leave comments and feedback with the webmaster here.

OTYs and Nationals Results

The APDA season of 2017-18 concluded at Johns Hopkins Nationals on April 22. Congratulations to Jim Huang and Michael Mao of Yale for winning Nationals; to Sophia Caldera and Mars He of Harvard for being finalists; and to Jonah Goldberg, who was best speaker. Congratulations also to Miriam Pierson and Nate Urban of Swarthmore, Team […]

Congratulations to the 2018-19 APDA Board!

Congratulations to the new APDA Board, who were elected at Princeton in April. President: Alex Johnson VP Ops: Jasper Primack VP Finance: Max Neuman Members-at-Large: Xinlan Emily Hu, Andrew Harrington, Tiffany Yuan