Bryn Mawr 2013 Finals: Swarthmore A v. NYU / Wellesley

Case: You are Dorian Gray. [Insert 5 minutes of background here.] Do you show your magical picture containing to your soul to your friends or not, caveating that they will have ongoing access to the painting as it becomes more hideous over time? Opp chose to show the painting.

Government: Swarthmore A
PM: Griffin Olmstead
MG: David Mok-Lamme

Opposition: NYU / Wellesley
LO: Shomik Ghosh
MO: Claudia Yau

[expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]NYU / Wellesley won on a 2-1 decision.[/expand]
Thanks to David Mok-Lamme for the recording!

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