Welcome! The Gender Empowerment Initiative has 12 members for Spring 2019. More bios are imminent!

Co-Chair – Aba Tieku

This is my third semester serving on GEI, and my second as one of the co-chairs! I am a sophomore at the College of William & Mary majoring in Government. I started my debate career just a year ago as a novice on the William & Mary Debate Team. Though my experience with debate has been a brief one, it has truly changed my life. Thanks to members of my own team and debaters all across APDA, I have engaged in conversations and learned things I don’t think I could get anywhere else, not even in a college classroom. I am a big fan of all speaker positions including the letter M (I am trying to learn to love LOing but I don’t think it loves me back). My favorite topics to debate are domestic politics, constitutional law, feminism, and social justice. My office hours are Wednesdays from 2-3PM, but feel free to find me in GA, message me on Facebook, or shoot me an email ( at any time!

Co-Chair – Cindy Wang

Board Liaison – Tiffany Yuan

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Julie Graves

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Madeline Hudalla

Hi! My name is Madeline Hudalla and I am currently a sophomore at Wellesley College. I am an International Relations-political science major and Middle Eastern Studies minor. I’m originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, which is where I first fell in love with debate. I participated in Classic debate in high school, which is really only a Minnesotan style. I am also a LGBTQ+ liaison on GEI and love to run queer theory cases! I would love to hybrid with queer and gender minority debaters, so feel free to reach out to me! I am available to chat anytime after 11 EST on Wednesdays, but you can always message me or chat with me at tournaments!

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Matt Cryer

LGBTQ+ Liaison – Mikaela Rose V Tajo

Aislinn O’Brien

I am a member of the GEI Committee currently in my second year at Boston University. I am majoring in Political Science and International Relations (Regional Track: Europe, Functional Track: Foreign Policy and Security Studies). This is my second year debating with BUDS on APDA and my first year as the Secretary of BUDS! Before this, I was very involved with Public Forum Debate for three years during my time at Milton High School in MA, as the Co-Captain of the team my Junior year and the Captain my Senior year. My favorite speaker positions are PM and MO, but I am always willing to mix it up as well! As might be glaringly obvious, I absolutely love politics and IR, so I love IR, HIR, and law cases. Additionally, I love cases about feminism, social justice, economic inequality, and LGBT+ topics. I totally welcome anyone to reach out to me with any debate or GEI-related questions! While I do not have a set schedule of office hours per-se, I am very responsive over email ( and through Facebook messenger and am very willing to schedule a time to talk in-person, through email or Facebook, or over the phone or through Skype!

Ellie Singer

Hello! I’m Ellie (she/her pronouns) and I’m a sophomore at Yale, where I study political science and serve as the YDA’s Development Director. In high school, I competed in worlds schools debate for Team USA for a year and in public forum debate for the Blake School in Minneapolis for four years. I’m willing to debate anything but particularly enjoy IR, law, and social justice rounds. I prefer to MO over LO but am flexible on gov. Feel free to email ( or Facebook message me about absolutely anything at any time and I’ll generally respond quickly!

Jay Gibbs

Leyla Remh

Hi, my name is Leyla Remh! I use she/her pronouns and I am a sophomore at Boston University where I am a neuroscience major and serve as the Tournament Director of BUDS. I did public forum debate for all four years of high school and was captain of my school’s team, and really loved it so I decided to continue my involvement with debate in college. I have a slight preference for MG’ing over PM’ing but I’m open to any speaker positions! My favorite topics to debate are feminism, social justice, and domestic politics. My office hours are 11:00 am- 1:00 pm on Mondays but definitely feel free to message me via facebook messenger or email me ( anytime! Also feel free to talk to me in person in GA at tournaments!

Lucy Augustine

Hi, I’m Lucy! I’m originally from the Bay Area, California, and I use she/her pronouns. This is my second semester of debate ever with the William & Mary Debate Society. I’m studying economics and chemistry at William & Mary, but despite my major, I don’t love debating finance—I prefer feminism, social justice, and art. I tend to PM/MO, but the only position I really avoid is LO (I’m trying to change). Feel free to email me anytime at or talk to me if you see me in GA, whether it’s about debate or something else (ask me about my passion for spreadsheets).

Robin Gloss