GW I 2015 Quarterfinals: AU Found The Booty v. W&M HD

Case: Back in 2008, there was an 11 year old girl from Wisconsin who over the course of 3 days suffered increasingly severe symptoms of dehydration, weakness, and exhaustion before eventually slipping into a coma. Her parents, Dan and Leani Newman, chose to treat her illness using praying rather than her medicine despite pleas from relatives and others concerned about her condition. The girl eventually stopped breathing, at which point a concerned relative called 911 to attempt to get her emergency medical attention. Unfortunately she could not be revived. She ended up succumbing to diabetic ketoacidosis resulting from untreated juvenile on-sent diabetes on Easter Sunday in 2008. According to doctors, Kara’s condition was treatable, and could have been treated successfully well into the day before her death. Kara’s parents were convicted by the state of Wisconsin of 2nd degree reckless homicide. Opp Choice, did the Wisconsin Supreme Court decide the case correctly? Opp chose that they decided correctly.

Gov: AU Found The Booty
PM: Zoe Morgan
MG: Isaac Klipstein

Opp: W&M HD
LO: Jerusalem Demsas
MO: Jack Hoagland

[expand title=””Results”” notitle=””true”” trigclass=””arrowright””]AU Found The Booty won on a 3 – 2 decision.[/expand] 

Thanks to Ricky Cambo for the recording.

6 thoughts on “GW I 2015 Quarterfinals: AU Found The Booty v. W&M HD

  1. The reason gov won is cuz its at GW I outs, which means it was probably almost an entirely GW panel… GW and AU really shouldn’t be able to judge each other at this point.

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