Penn Nats 2014 Octofinals: Rutgers LM v. Bates BS

Case: When asked by Germany to open up a second front again Russia during WWII, Japan should have done so. Gov: Rutgers LM PM: Sean Leonard MG: Quinn Maingi Opp: Bates BS LO: Taylor Blackburn MO: Matt Summers [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Rutgers LM won on a 2 – 1 decision.[/expand] Thanks to Bates for the […]

Columbia 2013 Semifinals: Brandeis EA v. Swarthmore A

Case: Idealistic portrayals of women in power roles on televesion are preferable to realistic portrayals. Gov: Brandeis EA PM: Megan Elsayed MG: Shira Almeleh Opp: Swarthmore A LO: Griffin Olmstead MO: David Mok-Lamme [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Brandeis EA won on a 4 – 1 decision.[/expand] Thanks to Dave Kopel for the recording.

Maryland 2013 Semifinals: Yale Mango Juicers v. Brown Fedayen

Case: As the founder and leader of a new religious group, you should make Mormon-style missions part of the doctrine of your group. Gov: Yale Mango Juicers PM: Eric Brooks MG: Zach Bakal Opp: Brown Fedayen LO: Alex Mechanick MO: Caleb Foote [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]Brown Fedayen won on a 3 – 2 decision.[/expand] Thanks […]

Stanford 2013 Round 5: Chicago A v. Yale BZ

Case: As a Catholic archbishop, should you require Sunday school teachers to say an oath in which prospective teachers swear that they believe all of Catholic doctrine? Opp chose not to require the oath. Government: Chicago A PM: Jon Haderlein MG: Alice Li Opposition: Yale BZ LO: Zach Bakal MO: Joanna Zheng [expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” […]

Smith 2012 Finals: Yale CK v. Yale CD

Case: In a scenario in which a coach paid athletes to violate the rules of football and hurt other players with the intention of causing injuries, the government should prosecute the coach. Opp called tight. Government: Yale CK PM: Robert Colonel MG: Ben Kornfeld Opposition: Yale CD LO: Max Dovala MO: Andrew Connery [expand title=”Results” […]

NYU 2012 Round 4: Brandeis Navajo Blanket v. Yale BB

Case: You are the Senate majority leader in 2008. The minority Republicans threaten to filibuster. They want to use a procedural filibuster. You have the power to force them to use a vocal filibuster. Do that. Government: Brandeis Navajo Blanket PM: Keith Barry MG: Russell Leibowitz Opposition: Yale BB LO: Mike Barton MO: Zach Bakal […]

Rutgers 2013 Round 4: Kant Sandwich A v. Hopkins CI

Case: You are an altruistic atheist of creating a major world religion, should you create a religion with metaphysical incentives like an afterlife, or one without such incentives but which still says that certain actions are inherently morally good or bad. Government: Kant Sandwich A PM: David Kopel MG: Keith Barry Opposition: Hopkins CI LO: […]