TCNJ 2016 Semifinals: *Private*

This round is privately available through the APDAweb forum. Please click on this link and log in to access the round.

[expand title=”Results” notitle=”true” trigclass=”arrowright”]The opposition team won on a 2 – 1 decision.[/expand] 

Thanks to Micah Meskowitz for the recording.

8 thoughts on “TCNJ 2016 Semifinals: *Private*

    1. There were 3 quarters rounds at TCNJ that collectively decided TOTY. Yale LW dropped to F&M, GW BW dropped to Sean and Matt from Swat, and Princeton picked up over Miriam and Will from Swat. All the TOTY teams were on opp.

    1. This actually was an off round for this team on opp. I saw a lot of DR’s outrounds in person last year and they were far more devastating in other opp rounds (Harvard semis comes to mind).

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