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UVA APDA Meeting Minutes

  1. The body sanctioned Harvard as a Saturday-Sunday tournament on September 6th-7th. Harvard's president, Lawrence Bacow, is being inaugurated on the Friday Harvard was initially given, making it difficult for them to host on that day.
  2. The body sanctioned Brandeis to replace Williams on the September 7th-September 8th weekend. Williams was unable to host their tournament.
  3. Michael Koo's (a Johns Hopkins debater who had graduated in 2018 but had one semester of eligibility remaining) reaffiliation exemption to Hopkins was subject to a vote of disapproval by the body under the language of section 5.09B.2 of the bylaws, which read "The body may overrule the granting of an exemption with a two-thirds vote and may overrule the denial of an exemption with a majority vote." The vote of disapproval passed, removing Michael's exemption to Hopkins.
  4. The body passed an amendment to section 5.09.B.2 and 5.09B.3 overhauling the language on reaffiliation procedures. The sections now read "For the APDA National Championship Tournament, the host school shall be entitled to send their qualified debaters, and/or their free seed, to compete at that Championship Tournament." and "The body is authorized to grant exemptions to enable debaters to debate for schools at which they are not primarily enrolled. Exemptions must be approved by a two-thirds secret vote of the body."
  5. Michael Koo asked for a reaffiliation exemption to Johns Hopkins under the new reaffiliation procedure listed in 5.09B.3. The body did not approve his exemption.