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New to APDA tournaments, How do I register my teams for an upcoming tournament?

Our debate team has in the past competed in APDA tournaments but it has been 4 years so at this point I am the only one that has been before, so we're a little lost. I am having a lot of trouble finding how I can register for tournaments and with the new site, it is hard to find up to date information. We are interested in competing in the upcoming ProAms at American university, where can I find this form?

Hi 🙂 it looks like AU has re-posted their tournament invite in the general discussion subforum, so you should be able to access it now. For future tournaments, you should post in the "Need Permission to Access Forums?" thread with your name, school, and graduation year so that you can be given access to the private side of the forum. Future tournaments will be in the "tournaments" subforum of the private side.

Also, in general, feel free to reach out to the expansion committee at for anything we can do to help. We're always happy to see schools competing that haven't been around much in the past!

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