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Kate Holden @Klholden from the University of Delaware

Joseph Cantu, jvc219, Lehigh '19

Hannah Sun, hannahsun, Carnegie Mellon University


kizzy, Kizzy Dhaliwal, Wellesley

lucyaugustine , Lucy Augustine, William & Mary

oergungor, Ozan Ergungor, Northwestern University

FUDebate, Annemarie Dennen, Fairfield University

Kurtis Lee, kurtislee0320, Brandeis'22

Kurtis Lee

Roxanne Daniel, roxanned, Smith College


Julia Gyourko, jgyourko, Wesleyan '21

Kevin Wong, KevinWong, GW '19

Harold Debate Society, Raynah Khan, Harold Washington College

Harold Debate Society Harold Washington College City Colleges of Chicago

Kiara, Kiara Chen, NYU

mattsimmons, Matt Simons, Columbia

Zack Malek, Malek, Rutgers '21

Parker Snipes, Parker Snipes, Swarthmore

Arathod, Aneree Rathod, Rutgers

mfeng, Matthew Feng, Duke