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Fall 2019 APDA Committee Appointments

Hey everyone, thank you to everyone who applied for committees. Below are the appointments for Fall 2019. The Board as in years past evaluated every application anonymously after the APDA Trustees (Caleb and Nate) further anonymized them. We then made recommendations for committees before deanonymizing them and taking into account feedback from the Body. We limited potential members to two committees maximum, with the exception of applicants who applied for VRC as a third committee. If you have any questions or were not chosen for a committee please feel free to reach out to any member of the Board.

Diversity Initiative
Jay Gibbs (Chair)
Malcolm Ferguson (Chair)
Paola Apolinario
Monica Ochoa
Kavya Gopinath
Emanuel Zbeda
Ananya Kalahasti

Equal Opportunity Facilitators
Monica Ochoa (Chair)
Cindy Wang (Chair)
Aishwarya Rajapur
Auriel Haack
Claire Raulston
Elizabeth Chen
Emily Shein
Kavya Gopinath
Maya Razmi
Nicole Kagan
Tori Borlase
Ye Joo Han

Aditya Ram (Chair) (West)
Madeline A. Turner (Chair) (New England)
Benjamin Koch (West)
Emanuel Zbeda (NY Area)
Hannah Platter (New England)
Hart Rapaport (NY Area)
Jaewan Park (West)
Jessica McElroy (Mid-Atlantic)
Maxwell Sheremeta (DC, South)

Gender Empowerment Initiative
Katherine Ottenbreit (Chair)
Aba Tieku (Chair)
Aislinn O'Brien (lgbtq liaison)
Devyani Goel (lgbtq liaison)
Mia Stone-Molloy (lgbtq liaison)
Aishwarya Rajapur
Ananya Kalahasti
Cindy Wang
Gabbi Shilcusky
Jay Gibbs
Paola Apolinario
Roxanne Daniel
Tori Borlase
Wingel Xue

Novice Mentor Committee
Cindy Zhao (Chair)
Sandy Greenberg (Chair)
Jessica Han (Digital Coordinator)
Hart Rapaport
Justin Qi
Maya Rubin
Mia Stone-Molloy
Nicole Kagan
Nikki Schuldt
Sasha Chuprakova
Varahunan Mathiyalakan

Video Recording Committee
Nathaniel Charles Sumimoto (Chair)
Teddy Wyman (Chair)
Emanuel Zbeda
Jaewan Park
Jessica McElroy
Mario Aguirre
Maya Rubin
Mia Stone-Molloy
Nicholas DeVito
Nicole Kagan

Andrew Harrington APDA President 19-20, UChicago '20