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Fall 2018 Committees


The Board is excited to announce the committees for Fall 2018!

A few notes:

  • Process: Each Board liaison evaluated the committees for their particular committee with only the generated Application IDs (blind review). Every Board member then conducted a blind review of all the applications. We then opened a public comment period for DI, GEI, NM, and EOFs, with the name of the commenter being required only for comments about EOFs applicants. At that point, the Board conducted a full review of all the applications, complete with the name and relevant attached information (school, year, etc.) for each applicant. Please reach out to us at or on Facebook if you have any questions about your applicant or the process writ large.
  • Repeat applicants: In the interest of minimizing the extent to which committee members spread themselves thin, the Board ensured that an applicant would not serve on more than two committees, and that a committee member would not serve as the chair of more than one committee.


Without further ado, the committees:


Equal Opportunity Facilitators

Board Liaison: Alex Johnson (President) (Penn)

  • Co-Chair: Shreya Marathe (Tufts)
  • Co-Chair: Lydia Kim (GW)
  • Matt Cryer (GW)
  • An-Lanh Le (Princeton)
  • Ben Feshbach (Brandeis)
  • Allison Ross (Georgetown)
  • Taleen Khleifat (GW)
  • Cindy Wang (Georgetown)
  • Teddy Wyman (BU)
  • Christopher Morillo (Brown)
  • Charming Dube (Tufts)


Video Recording Committee

Board Liaison: Jasper Primack (VP Operations) (BU)

  • Co-Chair: Michael Froid (Brown)
  • Co-Chair: Haseeb Waseem (Villanova)
  • Ellis London (Brandeis)
  • Ravi Simon (Brandeis)
  • Sean Wells (UVA)
  • Andrew Hamilton (UChicago)
  • Teddy Wyman (BU)


Novice Mentor Committee

Board Liaison: Max Neuman (VP Finance) (Columbia) (previously CUNY)

  • Co-Chair: Tanay Patri (Northeastern)
  • Co-Chair: Cayleigh Soderholm (Georgetown)
  • Digital Coordinator: Zachary Intrater (Tufts)
  • Events Coordinators: Jackson Utley (Rutgers), Trent Kannegieter (Yale)
  • Anish Welde (Penn)
  • Karthik Tadepalli (Penn)
  • Jessica Han (Rutgers)
  • Kelsey Dunn (Wellesley)
  • Parker Kelly (GW)
  • Romina Lilollari (Harvard)
  • Alexis Rivett (Wellesley)
  • Amna Amin (Princeton)


Expansion Committee

Board Liaison: Emily Hu (MAL) (Stanford)

  • Co-Chair: Jacob Bezner (Binghamton)
  • Co-Chair: Zachary Lemonides (UChicago)
  • Region 1 (DC, South): Jela Shriver (Maryland), Elmira Adili (W&M)
  • Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic): Vignesh Valliyur (Penn)
  • Region 3 (NY Area): Jacob Bezner (Binghamton)
  • Region 4 (New England): Julie Graves (Smith), Trent Kannegieter (Yale)
  • Region 5 (West): Aditya Ram (UChicago), Andrew Hamilton (UChicago), Zachary Lemonides (UChicago), Michael Cooper (Stanford)


Diversity Initiative

Board Liaison: Drew Harrington (MAL) (UChicago)

  • Co-Chair: Jay Gibbs (UChicago)
  • Co-Chair: Patricia Ong (Georgetown) (previously CUNY)
  • Emily Rhyu (Smith)
  • Monica Ochoa (Wellesley)
  • Jela Shriver (Maryland)
  • Lydia Kim (GW)
  • Jessica Han (Rutgers)
  • Taleen Khleifat (GW)
  • Elmira Adili (W&M)
  • Ananya Kalahasti (Hopkins)


Gender Empowerment Initiative

Board Liaison: Tiffany Yuan (MAL) (Hopkins)

  • Co-Chair: Aba Tieku (W&M)
  • Co-Chair: Cindy Wang (Georgetown)
  • LGBT+ Liaisons: Julie Graves (Smith), Matt Cryer (GW), Madeline Hudalla (Wellesley), Aislinn O’Brien (BU)
  • Jay Gibbs (UChicago)
  • Shreeya Singh (Yale)
  • Madeline Turner (Smith)
  • Ananya Kalahasti (Hopkins)
  • Romina Lilollari (Harvard)
  • Alexis Rivett (Wellesley)
  • Amna Amin (Princeton)
  • Wejing (Winnie) Qin (Brandeis)


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