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APDA Committee Applications - Fall 2019

Hey everyone, I hope your summer is going well. The APDA Board will be opening committee applications for the Fall 2019 session. Term lengths will begin in late July (ideally July 21st) and end on December 31st. Everyone is welcome to apply, and the deadline for submitting an application for any committee will be July 5th at midnight CST.

To apply for EOF, you will need to submit both an application and a recommendation.

When you submit an application you must attach an anonymous application ID to ensure that applications can be assessed in an unbiased manner. Only the trustees (Caleb and Nate) will have access to the identifiers for the application IDs, and prior to evaluating the applications, they will be further anonymized by trustees (eg: removing name drops).

After applications are submitted there will be a public comment period where the body can submit thoughts to the Board about particular candidates. As in years past, for all comments except those for EOF applicants a name will be preferred for comments submitted to the board. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to members of the Board or Committee liaisons for specific committees.

Application ID Generator (complete first): Available Here

Diversity Initiative (liaison: Drew Harrington): Available Here

Equal Opportunity Facilitators (liaison: Ellie Singer): Available Here

EOF Recommendation Form: Available Here

Expansion Committee (liaison: Haseeb Waseem): Available Here

Gender Empowerment Initiative (liaison: Tiffany Yuan): Available Here

Novice Mentor Committee (laison: Anish Welde): Available Here

Video Recording Committee (liaison: Tanay Patri): Available Here

Andrew Harrington APDA President 19-20, UChicago '20