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2019 APDA Elections Proxies Due on March 28th

Voting by proxy in the APDA Board elections follows different rules than proxying for other APDA meetings. If your team is not able to attend elections at Princeton, please follow these directions to complete your proxy votes:

1. Email Caleb and myself at by March 28th at 11:59PM (the Thursday evening before Princeton). Your email must contain the following information:

a. A complete and precise description of your voting preferences. Your vote will be DISCARDED if it does not rank every candidate running for the relevant position (INCLUDING POTENTIAL DROP-DOWNS). You must rank every potential candidate regardless of whether a candidate has announced an intention not to drop down. As such, for this particular election, your ballot should rank 2 candidates for President, 3 candidates for VP Ops, 5 candidates for VP Finance, and all 10 potential candidates for the Members-at-Large election. You can format your preferences either by a numbered list or as follows: Candidate A > Candidate B > Candidate C > Candidate D, etc. You may offer several lists for each office depending on who is running, or a single ranking of all possible candidates for each race; in any event, your ballot should always rank all possible candidates for every position or it will not be counted. We will attempt to reach out to people who send invalid ballots and give them the opportunity to correct them where possible.

b. Identifying school information. Your vote must be sent from a school email account, and you must ensure that you are the person in charge of submitting the proxy vote from your school. If we receive conflicting votes from the same school, we will disregard all of them until and unless the individuals involved resolve the conflict and indicate which vote is valid or team seniority is proven to us by one individual.

c. Confirmation that your team will not have a voting representative at Princeton. If you are unsure if your team will have a voting rep at Princeton, please make a note of that in the email so we can be sure to check on your attendance at the meeting before counting your proxy vote.
Your preferences will be kept anonymous. Caleb and I will aggregate the valid proxy votes we receive and send them (without identifying information) to appropriate members of the APDA Board. The by-laws forbid the trustees from revealing to whom each set of preferences belong.

2. In addition:

a. Either Caleb or I will send you an email acknowledging receipt of your proxy. If you don't get an email within 48 hours of submitting your proxy, please send your votes again to

b. Please only submit a ballot only when you are sure of your vote. Try not to change your mind once you have sent the proxy vote email. We would prefer that you submit your votes closer to the deadline with complete and accurate information than submit multiple proxy vote emails.

c. The candidate list can be found here.
To reiterate: to vote by proxy for the upcoming APDA Elections, please follow the above directions and email Caleb and myself at no later than 11:59pm on Thursday, March 28th, and include potential drop-downs for all offices.



The deadline for submitting proxy ballots is at 11:59 PM ET tonight. The trustees strongly recommend submitting your ballot a few hours in advance of the deadline. 

The drop-down proxy process is complicated, and teams frequently make mistakes on their first ballot, requiring corrections. If you submit an invalid ballot, and are unable to correct it before the deadline, we will not accept late submissions. Caleb and I will do our best to notify you of an invalid ballot as soon as we can, but we will be making no exceptions to the deadline.

Let us know if you have any questions,

Caleb and Sean