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Need Permission to Access Forums?By admin · 465 Answers · 9,006 ViewsLast post by SantasSidekick, 16 hours ago
By SantasSidekick
16 hours ago
Harvard High School Tournament (Feb 16-18) looking for judges!By lizziemc0 Answers · 127 ViewsLast post by lizziemc, 1 week ago
By lizziemc
1 week ago
APDA40By PrimeDino0 Answers · 363 ViewsLast post by PrimeDino, 1 month ago
By PrimeDino
1 month ago
Call for 2019 CIDD Japan TourBy RuthBeerman0 Answers · 598 ViewsLast post by RuthBeerman, 1 month ago
By RuthBeerman
1 month ago
New to APDA tournaments, How do I register my teams for an upcoming tournament?By Klholden1 Answer · 356 ViewsLast post by Andrew Hamilton, 3 months ago
By Andrew Hamilton
3 months ago
AU ProamsBy Jon Mann0 Answers · 444 ViewsLast post by Jon Mann, 3 months ago
By Jon Mann
3 months ago
($$$) Boston Debate League Needs Tab Director Next WeekendBy Jasper Primack0 Answers · 269 ViewsLast post by Jasper Primack3 months ago
By Jasper Primack
3 months ago
Welcome to the New APDAWebBy admin0 Answers · 578 ViewsLast post by admin9 months ago
By admin
9 months ago