Welcome! There are 12 Novice Mentors for Fall 2018.

Committee Co-Chair
Cayleigh Soderholm is a junior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign
Service, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Security Studies
and a minor in Arabic. She loves debate because of the community she’s found
there and the wide variety of topics she gets to learn about in the process of
writing and opping cases—she particularly likes legal philosophy and international
relations. She is passionate about making novices feel welcome on the league, no
matter their prior experience or ability level. Outside of school and debate, you
can find her making friends with every dog she meets or watching Netflix. You can
reach out to Cayleigh at

Committee Co-Chair
Tanay Patri is a junior at Northeastern University studying Economics, Finance,
and Management Information Systems. He joined the Novice Mentor Committee
because he realized the importance of providing resources to novices who are
part of teams with relatively few resources and wanted to extend the warm
welcome the league gave him when he started doing APDA.  In terms of debating
preferences, he loves talking about economics, sports, or finance. In his free time,
Tanay is probably watching one of his sports teams break his heart. Feel free to
reach out to him on Facebook or via email at to offer him
your condolences or to discuss anything remotely APDA-related (or not!).

Digital Coordinator
Zachary Intrater is a sophomore studying political science and quantitative
economics at Tufts. Zach grew up in New York and Singapore and has been
debating in some form for the past nine years. Zach enjoys running absurd cases
and helping novice debaters.

Events Coordinator
Jackson Utley is a junior studying industrial engineering at Rutgers University. This
is his second year debating and he enjoys cases dealing with history and religion.
Jackson joined debate to explain to others why they were wrong but then was
pleasantly surprised to find amazing people and learn about how the world works. He is on the novice mentor committee to help spread this passion and
feeling of discovery.

Events Coordinator
Trent Kannegieter is a sophomore studying history at Yale University. He loves
how APDA lets him learn about things he never would have otherwise, through
both the cases and the community he encounters. He enjoys podcasts, tennis, and
esoteric standup comedy. You can reach out to him

Amna Amin is in her second year at Princeton where she is currently planning on
majoring in Politics (but still a bit undecided!). This is her second year on APDA
and her first year on the Novice Mentor and Gender Empowerment committees.
She loves debate because of the community it creates and the opportunity it gives
to speak about a wide variety of topics. Amna joined the Novice Mentor
committee since she loves teaching people about different aspects and skills
related to debate.

Kelsey Dunn is a sophomore and prospective Political Science and Math double
major at Wellesley College. She enjoys APDA for the community, the competition,
and the chance to think and have discourse about topics she wouldn’t normally.
She is excited to be a novice mentor because she attributes her enjoyment of the
activity to all of the varsity members who helped her navigate the circuit her first

Jessica Han is a junior at Rutgers University triple majoring in history, political
science, and philosophy. This is her first year on both the diversity initiative and
the novice mentor committee, and her second year on APDA overall. APDA has
been a wonderful educational experience for her, having opened exploration into
topics that wouldn’t have naturally occurred to her to explore in her own time as
well as having enabled the development of a sense of awareness of self and the
world at large at the same time. She sees the novice mentor committee as the
best way of giving back and looks forward to helping novices feel comfortable on
APDA whenever needed. Contact her at

Parker Kelly is a junior at GW majoring in Political Science with minors in
Economics and Criminal Justice. This is his second semester on the Novice Mentor
Committee. His favorite topics to debate include legal philosophy, international
relations, and music, and his favorite part of APDA has been meeting new people
from across the East Coast and making close friends at other schools. Parker
hopes to help new novices enjoy APDA as much as he has in his 2+ years on the

Romina Lilollari is a sophomore at Harvard College, currently pursuing a joint
concentration in Social Studies and African American Studies. She is looking
forward to competing on the circuit this year and loves the strong community
that APDA provides. Romina is super excited to be working as a Novice Mentor
this year because she believes that every novice can find a home in debate. In her
free time, Romina enjoys feeding ducks and watching reality TV. Feel free to reach
out to her on Facebook or by email at

Karthik Tadepalli is a sophomore at Penn studying mathematics and economics.
He debate for pure fun and to hang out with friends. He’s on NMC because he
wants APDA to be a welcoming place for everyone. Outside of debate, Karthik
loves chess, reading, Radiohead, and cooking.

Anish Welde is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. The thing Anish
loves most about debate is the competition and the friends. This activity pushes
everyone to be the best. That kind of mental fitness keeps him alert and always
stimulated. He loves being around people with diverse interests who love
approaching it in similar ways. Anish is on the Novice Mentor committee to meet
new novices, talk to them and try and give as much support as possible. He had a great novice year, and hopes that he can answer any of your questions/help you
with any of your cases, and make your novice year great too!




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