Resources for Schools

Here you can find materials created by Women’s Initiative to help interested individuals improve the status of minority groups in debate.


For the Diverse Debater Retention Guide, click here.

For a list of Gender Balanced Round Recordings, click any of the links below:

APDA Nationals 2003 Finals

UVA A vs. Yale CW

Williams 2007 Finals

MIT FG vs. Brown/Smith

Nationals 2008 Semifinals

Chicago A v. Princeton A

UMBC 2011 Finals

Rutgers Well, This Is Awkward vs. AU SB

Hopkins 2012 Demo Round

NU/Columbia vs. W&M A

Tufts 2012 Quarterfinals

BU/NU Josh’s Left Kidney vs. Bates ES

APDA Nationals 2012 Round 1

Northeastern A vs. Brandeis AP

APDA Nationals 2012 Quarterfinals

Swarthmore DW vs. Yale CF

APDA Nationals 2012 Quarterfinals

Brown A vs. Columbia EJ

GW 2013 Quarterfinals

Chicago HL vs. Brandeis Chipwich

Brandeis 2013 Octofinals

Syracuse Denny Crane vs. BU Sonic and Tails

APDA Nationals 2013 Quarterfinals

Syracuse A vs. Brown A

APDA Nationals 2014 Octofinals

Brown MM vs. Princeton BR 

Hopkins 2013 Demo Round

MIT/Yale vs. Harvard/W&M

BU Novice 2014 Demo Round

Brandeis/Brown vs. Yale/Bates