Welcome! The Chairs for the 2019-2020 Expansion Committee are Madeline Turner and Adi Ram. Work is in progress for a committee email, but in the meantime you can reach them at and

Committee Co-Chairs

Madeline Turner is a third year at Smith College studying Anthropology and Sustainable Food Systems. Though she never debated before APDA, she was instrumental in rebuilding the Smith Debate Society and serves as its Co-President. Because of her ongoing experience building an expansion team, Madeline is incredibly excited to serve as Co-Chair on the Expansion Committee and advocate for expansion teams on the league. She is happiest being outside and drinking coffee. You can reach her at

Adi Ram is a fourth year at the University of Chicago. Despite being the kind of social isolationist that chose to major in math, Adi loves debating on APDA because of the great community he has met over the years. On the expansion committee, he seeks to expand and deepen those networks to other schools that traditionally have lacked strong debate programs. In his spare time, he’s chilling in the GA of some tournament or another. You can reach out to him at