Welcome! There are twelve members of the EOF committee for Fall 2019. The board liaison is Ellie Singer. Feel free to reach out to anyone on Facebook or via email with questions or just to chat!

Monica Ochoa (Co-chair)

Monica is a junior at Wellesley College majoring in International Relations and minoring in Russian Language. She is Novice Mentor for the WDS and values the community debate offers her. She’s excited to serve as co-chair for EOF and as a member of DI this season.

Cindy Wang (Co-chair)

Aishwarya Rajapur

Aishwarya is a second semester freshman majoring in Political Science and Economics. She attended American University, but has made the decision to transfer to UMass Amherst. She is interested by philosophy, pure mathematics and machine learning. She hopes to help foster an equitable environment for the APDA circuit this following year. 

Auriel Haack

Claire Raulston

Claire is a sophomore at George Washington University majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Sustainability. She is president of the George Washington Parliamentary Debate Society and loves the community of brilliant and welcoming people she’s found through her involvement with GWPDS and APDA. As an Equity Officer, Claire hopes to make APDA tournaments enjoyable and empowering for everyone!

Emily Shein

Emily is a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College and a co-captain of the Haverford Debate Society. She is planning on double majoring in German and philosophy, minoring in history, and concentrating in peace, justice, and human rights. She is looking forward to working to make APDA a more welcoming and supportive place for all!

Kavya Gopinath

Kavya is a sophomore at Brown University who is currently undecided. She started debate because she wanted to try something new and stayed for the friends she made along the way.

Liz Chen

Maya Razmi

Maya is a sophomore at Harvard University. She loves debate not only because the way it gives herself and the people around her a voice, but also because of all the amazing, brilliant people she has met over the past year! As an Equity Officer, she hopes to make APDA a more empowering, inclusive space where everyone can comfortably participate in debate. 

Nicole Kagan

Tori Borlase

Tori is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.  She feels passionately about ensuring employment equality, breaking the prison industrial complex, and hopes to study discrimination law after Penn. In addition to debate, Tori helps run a 501(c)(4) nonprofit dedicated to climate change activism, serves as a representative on Penn’s Undergraduate Assembly, volunteers in the West Philly community, and is a member of Chi Omega sorority.  As an Equity Officer, she wants to make sure that APDA is a space where everyone can communicate respectfully about their passions, and she hopes to be a friendly face at every tournament she attends.

Ye Joo Han

Ye Joo is a sophomore at Harvard University. She really likes debate because it lets her speak about things she cares about and hear about things other people care about. She really enjoys her time and interactions with people on the league and is excited to serve the league as an EOF.

If you have something you would like to bring up to board about this committee or individual equity officers, feel free to submit them here.